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Check out our friend Shannon on KayakFishingTales

One of our favorite clients Shannon at GETSOME was just on KayakFishingTales to talk about his awesome products!  Go check him out!   

Am I a good man? wallpaper (download)

download link Today is the day season 8 of Doctor Who starts back up again! WATCH IT!!

WordPress updated to 3.9 = Best version ever!

Honestly, this video says it all! For more information go to Few things to note: Live widget previews Better drag and drop image support Resize images on the fly with WYSWYG editor Video and Audio playlists   All of this equals amazing!    

Are You My Mummy? Wallpaper (download)

Switchfoot Dark Horses Wallpaper (download)

Peter Capaldi Wallpaper (download)

Walking Dead Wallpaper (download)


I had the chance to attend Megacon this year. I met a lot of great people and got to see some amazing art. By the end of the day, I ended up buying a lot of my favorite pieces at the show, below I’ve added links to websites of all the artist I could track down.